Look Life From A Different Perspective

Sometimes you need to look at life at a different perspective

“Sometimes you need to look life from a different perspective.” In most cases in order to blend and feel accepted by other people, we tend to look what they see by being like them. That’s not a bad thing because you are just mirroring them. And it’s the easiest way to building rapport, relating and

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The Art of Happiness

the art of happiness

It took me a couple of weeks to finish this book since I was focusing on doing important tasks. I think when reading a book, you’ve got to have some sort of timeline so you won’t lose the chapter about & its topic while continuing reading at a different time. I’m glad to have read

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You are So Lucky!

surprise face

This is gonna be my first entry this year. A bit has changed and I liked it. I like variation and often times surprises. In making films, movement is of essence. You’ve got to determine how it starts and how it ends. But sometimes you don’t know what comes in between. This year, I want

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The Crossing by Michael Connelley

the crossing by michael connelley

Bosch was a retired detective. After reading the police report, he decided to accept working for Haler as a (PI) Private investigator after Haler’s PI got an injury. Authorities treated it as an accident but for Cisco, it’s more of an intentional attempt to end his life. Foster is charged of a heinous crime but

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Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham

rogue lawyer by john grisham

“Rogue Lawyer” is an interesting book to read packed with its lawyering charisma. Rudd Sebastian is no ordinary lawyer. He handles big cases where other attorneys refuse to take. He is one of a kind defense lawyer for people who deals in drugs, gangs, pre-judged criminals or even against the state. He has successfully won

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See Me by Nicholas Sparks

See Me by Nicholas Sparks

I think “See Me” is a little different installment from most Nicholas Sparks books. In this novel, he added a lot of suspense, thrill and a slice of action. Off course, like all of his novels, there’s love story and drama revolving around the plot. And it’s extraordinarily written. He is genius in making all

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8 Signs That You’ve Found The Woman To Marry

She's the Girl 2

1. You trust her. 2. She’s a positive force in your life rather than a negative. 3. She believes in you, motivating you to believe in yourself. 4. Your life is much better with her than without her. 5. She never makes excuses when you need her. 6. The sex is really, really good. 7.

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Thank You

there is always always to be grateful for

“There is always something to be thankful for…” I would like to take opportunity to say, “Thank You” to all the people who have been so nice to me. In many different ways, you have help and become a part of my life. When you say thank you, there is something great stirring around. It

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Show Me Your Smile

and you've got that smile

“And you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town.” When you smile, you are not only influencing your own mood but also other peoples’. You’re smile has the capacity to brighten up the entire town. Smile more, show that perfect set of teeth. You’ll never know, you are inspiring other people in

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Ultimate Food Combining for Better Health

Food Combining Made Easy by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

“Food Combining Made Easy” by Herbert M. Shelton is an excellent book to read. It will teach you how to properly combine food so it won’t have any problem in the process of digestion. The reason why we sometimes feel tired even though we have eaten a big meal is because our digestive system is

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