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The Art of Happiness

the art of happiness

It took me a couple of weeks to finish this book since I was focusing on doing important tasks. I think when reading a book, you’ve got to have some sort of timeline so you won’t lose the chapter about & its topic while continuing reading at a different time. I’m glad to have read

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The Crossing by Michael Connelley

the crossing by michael connelley

Bosch was a retired detective. After reading the police report, he decided to accept working for Haler as a (PI) Private investigator after Haler’s PI got an injury. Authorities treated it as an accident but for Cisco, it’s more of an intentional attempt to end his life. Foster is charged of a heinous crime but

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Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham

rogue lawyer by john grisham

“Rogue Lawyer” is an interesting book to read packed with its lawyering charisma. Rudd Sebastian is no ordinary lawyer. He handles big cases where other attorneys refuse to take. He is one of a kind defense lawyer for people who deals in drugs, gangs, pre-judged criminals or even against the state. He has successfully won

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See Me by Nicholas Sparks

See Me by Nicholas Sparks

I think “See Me” is a little different installment from most Nicholas Sparks books. In this novel, he added a lot of suspense, thrill and a slice of action. Off course, like all of his novels, there’s love story and drama revolving around the plot. And it’s extraordinarily written. He is genius in making all

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Make Me by Lee Child

Make my by Lee Child

A great book I finished reading this week is called “Make Me” by Lee Child. It will bend your mind to think about what will happen next as the clue emerges. It focuses on the characters of Chang & Jack Reacher; An ex-FBI and ex-Military who coincidentally crossed path in a Little Town called “Mother’s

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Memory Man by David Baldacci

david baldacci memory man

I finished reading this book last week, “Memory Man” by David Baldacci. It’s a crime suspense thrilling book which will lead the readers to many clues. The plot is focused on the protagonist, “Amos Decker”. He was a police officer and was later on promoted to a detective. He was out of the service when

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The Road to Character by David Brooks

The Road to character

The book I finished reading this week is called “The road to Character” by David Brooks. At the first chapter, I’d thought of moving on for the next book. But the author has a unique way of keeping you to read ’till the end page. The book gives you good insights and understanding how character

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Radiant Angel

Radian Angel

One of the books I have read this week is the “Radiant Angel” by Nelson DeMille. It focuses on the character of John Corey and Tess Faraday. They are from the Diplomatic Surveillance Group which later on discovered that Tess is working on another agency. There main task is to follow and never lose sight

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Hector and The Search For Happiness

happiness is a certain way of seeing things

Recently, I finished reading a book called “Hector and The Search for Happiness” by Francois Lelord. The story line is easy to understand and the sequence of events are well-organized. Choice of words in the translation is a thumbs up since I understand the book is originally in French. It is adapted in film starred

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10 Things you can do to be Happier Everyday

man jump silhouette sunset

“Life is a Journey. Time is a River. The door is ajar.” -Jim Butcher It’s not everyday that we feel light and happy. There are times of unexpected fall, uneasy and frustration. What’s more important is how you were able to navigate yourself to a place of peace & serenity. Towards a more fulfilling and

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