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You are So Lucky!

surprise face

This is gonna be my first entry this year. A bit has changed and I liked it. I like variation and often times surprises. In making films, movement is of essence. You’ve got to determine how it starts and how it ends. But sometimes you don’t know what comes in between. This year, I want

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The Road to Character by David Brooks

The Road to character

The book I finished reading this week is called “The road to Character” by David Brooks. At the first chapter, I’d thought of moving on for the next book. But the author has a unique way of keeping you to read ’till the end page. The book gives you good insights and understanding how character

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10 Things you can do to be Happier Everyday

man jump silhouette sunset

“Life is a Journey. Time is a River. The door is ajar.” -Jim Butcher It’s not everyday that we feel light and happy. There are times of unexpected fall, uneasy and frustration. What’s more important is how you were able to navigate yourself to a place of peace & serenity. Towards a more fulfilling and

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Eating with Chopsticks

eating with chopsticks

One thing I like about having chopsticks is that I can eat any food without touching it: potato chips, peanuts, cheese rolls, nova crackers or any type of junk foods. I don’t need to wash my hands then wash up again to clean up after eating. There’s no mess around my shirt since it become

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Top SitComs to Watch


I have watched a number of sitcoms and it never fail to make me laugh. So here’s the top sitcoms I had great time watching. 1. Friends. This is my number 1 favorite. Who wouldn’t get entertained by those awesome people. Ross, the Archaeologist; Monica, the Chef; Joey, the actor; Phoebe, the masseuse; Rachel &

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What is more Difficult?

working habit 2

What is more difficult, stopping a habit or acquiring a new habit? I was also really curious about that question. It keeps me thinking. First, what is a habit? A habit is a routine you do whenever a cue appears. Sometimes people say that it’s really hard to break a habit of addiction. Like being

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Thinking New Ideas


Have you ever thought of something really good and the next time you think about it, its gone. Sometimes you have this really good idea that you want to do but you are preoccupied with what you’re currently doing. Perhaps you are doing something important at work or busy in your computer at time these

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