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Look Life From A Different Perspective

Sometimes you need to look at life at a different perspective

“Sometimes you need to look life from a different perspective.” In most cases in order to blend and feel accepted by other people, we tend to look what they see by being like them. That’s not a bad thing because you are just mirroring them. And it’s the easiest way to building rapport, relating and

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Declare it Today

i am greateful

“I will be grateful for this day…” Declare it today, that you are grateful for the new day and a wonderful new experience in our life. Although we may encounter countless rough roads but it helps us to stay stronger than ever. It builds our confidence to soar and become the person we want to

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Live at Your Very Best Today

live is lived one day at a time

“Life is lived One Day at a Time. Prepare for tomorrow by living at your very best today! ” -Victoria Osteen We can’t live in the past nor the future but today. We are living at this moment, in this very second so we are wasting our present and future if we still dwell on

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Loving What You Do

loving what you do

“The secret of Happiness is doing what you love and the secret of success is loving what you do.” I think to start applying this concept, you need to know what you want. We’ve got to figure what what makes us happy. When we are doing the things that make us happy, then we become

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Take a Chance

take a chance

Sometimes it needs a lot of courage to take something you wanted but give it a try. Perhaps may be it will make you smile.

10 Things you can do to be Happier Everyday

man jump silhouette sunset

“Life is a Journey. Time is a River. The door is ajar.” -Jim Butcher It’s not everyday that we feel light and happy. There are times of unexpected fall, uneasy and frustration. What’s more important is how you were able to navigate yourself to a place of peace & serenity. Towards a more fulfilling and

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7 Things That Happy People Say Everyday

impress you

Being happy starts from the inside and it radiates to the outside. That’s why when you have this happy feeling, other people know it because you have this undeniable expression in your body. Some of the benefits you can get from getting happy are improving mood, positive outlook, triggers positive reactions and etc. 1. “I’m

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Today is a Gift

today is a gift

“Yesterday is a history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it’s called The Present.” I’ve heard that beautiful line many times from speeches, lyrics and from a remarkable movie, “The Kung Fu Panda”. When master Shifu inspired Po in a certain scene. I think it’s a very beautiful line. “Today

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