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8 Signs That You’ve Found The Woman To Marry

She's the Girl 2

1. You trust her. 2. She’s a positive force in your life rather than a negative. 3. She believes in you, motivating you to believe in yourself. 4. Your life is much better with her than without her. 5. She never makes excuses when you need her. 6. The sex is really, really good. 7.

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Wedding Photography Cebu, Awesome!


Photography is one of the things I enjoy doing. It’s fun, exciting and always a new experience. I have been covering weddings & photoshoots for half a year now and so far, I’m satisfied with the result and on the road to learning every single day. If you speak of Photography in Cebu, men you’re

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February a Month of Flowers and Love

sweet lips

Yes, you hear it right. February is a month of Flowers and Love. February is a month long celebration of the Flower Festival in Baguio City. I was suppose to go there to witness this grand event but it seems that all the hotels & accommodation in Baguio City are fully-booked a month ahead. I should have

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