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Major Upgrade from HDD to SSD

Transcend SSD

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to upgrade my hard disk drive (HDD) to Solid State Drive (SSD). My laptop is just 2 years old which was originally ran with Windows 8.1 OS then subsequently upgraded to Windows 10 when the free version rolled out. I was happy with its performance but there were

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Top SitComs to Watch


I have watched a number of sitcoms and it never fail to make me laugh. So here’s the top sitcoms I had great time watching. 1. Friends. This is my number 1 favorite. Who wouldn’t get entertained by those awesome people. Ross, the Archaeologist; Monica, the Chef; Joey, the actor; Phoebe, the masseuse; Rachel &

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Invisible by James Patterson

invisible by james patterson

I recently finish reading Fiction Novel “Invisible” by James Patterson. It story revolves around the character of Emmy Dockery. Emmy is on leave from her work in the FBI as a research analyst following the death of her sister from a bedroom fire. She was not convinced that the cause of fire is accidental resulting

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