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Look Life From A Different Perspective

Sometimes you need to look at life at a different perspective

“Sometimes you need to look life from a different perspective.” In most cases in order to blend and feel accepted by other people, we tend to look what they see by being like them. That’s not a bad thing because you are just mirroring them. And it’s the easiest way to building rapport, relating and

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You are So Lucky!

surprise face

This is gonna be my first entry this year. A bit has changed and I liked it. I like variation and often times surprises. In making films, movement is of essence. You’ve got to determine how it starts and how it ends. But sometimes you don’t know what comes in between. This year, I want

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Find a Place of Joy

find a place

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” -Joseph Campbell Sometimes we get overwhelmed with all those pains and frustrations. It’s a normal thing that everyone experience once in a while. We’ve got to push forward and keep the shadow of faith and hope in our heart. In

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Top SitComs to Watch


I have watched a number of sitcoms and it never fail to make me laugh. So here’s the top sitcoms I had great time watching. 1. Friends. This is my number 1 favorite. Who wouldn’t get entertained by those awesome people. Ross, the Archaeologist; Monica, the Chef; Joey, the actor; Phoebe, the masseuse; Rachel &

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7 Things That Happy People Say Everyday

impress you

Being happy starts from the inside and it radiates to the outside. That’s why when you have this happy feeling, other people know it because you have this undeniable expression in your body. Some of the benefits you can get from getting happy are improving mood, positive outlook, triggers positive reactions and etc. 1. “I’m

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Top 10 Scams of 2014

internet fraud

Hey everyone! I have watched a show on GMA News TV just a while ago about a countdown of “Ang Pinaka”. And this week’s episode is about, “Ang Pinakalaganap na Scams of 2014”. I know some of  you out there were once a victim to one of these scams listed below. Check this out. I would

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Give me a good title

Invisble by James Patterson

I have been reading a lot more lately. Magazines I have downloaded online: Time, NatGeo, Popular Science, Forbes and etc. I have been reading books and stories on ebook publication. Mostly Fiction, a lot of it. You know, I was thinking of becoming a writer. Making up stories and characters and events, places that only

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