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Summer 2015

And I just want to climb...

It’s summer 2015. What’s your list of “Things to do” this summer? Going to the beach is probably the top of your list. Blame it to the warm temperature, it’s too hot indoor so staying in the beach is the best solution. Here’s some of my best summer in the past 6 years:

When you travel, you expand your vision!

the best of everything

I have read this one infographic about traveling. And I’m going to write it here from my memory, not exactly the right words I guess. Here it goes: 1. Young Man: He has a lot of time and energy to travel but he has no money to do all the traveling. 2. Middle-age man: He

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Dumanjug Town Plaza

Dumanjug Town Plaza001

Just recently we had our High School Batch 2005 Reunion at Moalboal Cebu south. And our meet up point was at the Dumanjug town plaza. I arrived there quite early, so I had a chance to take a quick snapshot around. I regret for not bringing my dslr because I should have had high resolution pictures on our

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Trip to Camotes Island – Coco Grove Nature Resort


We had a chance to have an awesome summer getaway in Camotes Island. It is a beautiful island located northeast of Cebu. How to Get to Camotes Island 1. Ride a North-bound bus from the North Bus Terminal or a V-Hire at SM City Cebu or a Jeepney bound for Danao. 2. Travel time from

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February a Month of Flowers and Love

sweet lips

Yes, you hear it right. February is a month of Flowers and Love. February is a month long celebration of the Flower Festival in Baguio City. I was suppose to go there to witness this grand event but it seems that all the hotels & accommodation in Baguio City are fully-booked a month ahead. I should have

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