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Wedding Photography Cebu, Awesome!

Photography is one of the things I enjoy doing. It’s fun, exciting and always a new experience. I have been covering weddings & photoshoots for half a year now and so far, I’m satisfied with the result and on the road to learning every single day.

If you speak of Photography in Cebu, men you’re talking about a lot of talented people here. There’s always this thought, that if you’ve got a dslr then you are ready to go. Yes indeed, but not yet. You need to pack with you a whole bunch of creativity, gears, lens, talent, confidence & enthusiasm. You would never go far if you have this negative attitude like, “I can never compete those pro”, “I don’t have this talent”, “I’m Shy”. Those are setbacks that are holding you back to focus on achieving what you love doing in life. Your thought should be, “I will because I can”.  Either doing photography Professionally or as a Hobby. 

I think wedding photography is a combination of portrait, family, landscape, macro photography & etc. You’ve got to cover it all and you’ve got to be prepared of anything.

Here’s why I enjoy Wedding Photography

-I’ve got beautiful models; the bride, bridesmaid and everyone around is at their best
-I get to meet different people
-If we’re lucky we’ve have a chance to go places we’ve never been before.
-Everyone at the wedding is happy & smiling. Just all these positive vibrations help lift up our soul. Although there’s this occasional crying but hey those are tears of joy.
-fun games and programs at the reception
-And ohh the food are always yummy, good for our tummy.

I think the demand for wedding photographer is always there. We just need to have this set of talents to make a good presentation of what we offer and what’s not.

I think each year, hundreds of couples in Cebu City & Provinces join the wedlock in the matrimony of marriage. I have been receiving a lot of inquiries about our wedding photo package. If you are one of those interested couple, hop on to our website at http://www.happyfacephotography.com or give me a call.

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