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Trip to Camotes Island – Coco Grove Nature Resort

We had a chance to have an awesome summer getaway in Camotes Island. It is a beautiful island located northeast of Cebu.

How to Get to Camotes Island

1. Ride a North-bound bus from the North Bus Terminal or a V-Hire at SM City Cebu or a Jeepney bound for Danao.
2. Travel time from Cebu City to Danao is about an Hour.
3. Ask the driver to drop you off at the danao Port.
4. Get a ticket at the ticketing booth inside the pier. You can buy boat tickets to Camotes Island as early as 2 days before your departure at the Kimwa Hardware to avoid long lines at the pier.

Here’s a boat Schedule to Camotes Island Daily.

Jomalia Shipping Corporation leaving Danao City Port to Consuelo Port: 5:30am, 8:30am, 11:00am, 2:30PM, 9:00PM

From Consuelo Port to Danao City Port: 4:00am, 5:30am, 9:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm

Super Shuttle Ferry goes to Poro Camotes once a day, depart at 1pm; from Consuelo port depart at 6:30am. From Consuelo to Danao 10:00am and from Poro to Danao 5:00pm

Tickets normally cost Php200 for air condition and Php180 for non air-con

It’s best to have car or van or motorbike with you when you go to Camotes but it’s no problem if you don’t because there’s a lot of parked tricycles, jeepneys, vans and motorbike ready for hire although the price may be a bit costly.

We stayed at the Coco Grove Nature Resort in Heminsulan, Mangodlong. It’s a great place and a quite place. The rooms are spacious, clean and it has one double bed and one single bed. It has TV with local channels, Free Wifi internet access. Wifi signal can reach at some rooms but a bit weaker. Good signal is at their restaurant. They serve good meal at the resorts restaurant; breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel has a swimming pool.

If you are a registered guests at Coco Grove Nature Resort, you have full access to the Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort. It has a white sand beach, bar & restaurant, swimming pool and a few perks like jet ski & boat. They have this very beautiful & developed rock formation by the beach. They have built few kiosks and set up some chairs and tables. It’s totally amazing and romantic for lovers especially at night time. They light up the entire area giving it a beautiful night glow.

The water is really clean and it’s very tempting, the urge to plunge for a swim was so slim. On our 3rd day at the resort, we saw a group of friends jumping off from the cliff. It’s absolutely fun. The water temperature is just right. Not too cold and not too warm. Just a perfect summer in the Month of May.

It was a holiday when we went there. In fact it was Labor day, a friday. So, a lot of people were planning to have that long weekend a fun family and friend bonding.

We went to Camotes Island not just for fun & leisure but also we have some work to do. We were to cover a photo for a wedding in Tudela, Camotes. So we had a lot of things to do on our 2nd day. Get up early and prepare for Tudela.

We were about 21 kilometers from the town of Tudela and we didn’t have a ride. There’s no public transport in Camotes so we need to rent a bike to save up a few hundreds. It was a long ride from Mangodlong to Tudela about 45 minutes then another 12 kilometers to Barangay Puertobello. We kind of Circle the entire island. After Tudela we went to the reception in Poro Camotes at the Flying Fish Resort. Oh, It was a beautiful scenery out there. The sunset is so amazing. It’s a quite resort but really far from the town of San Francisco.

When we arrived at the hotel at around 9 in the evening, we were all so tired but that didn’t stop us hang out at the beach in Mangodlong and stare at the beautiful starlit sky.

The next day we were asked by the hotel owner to take a few photos of their hotel, rooms, amenities, interior and etc. When we checked out, they took us to some of the best places in the island. We went to Buho Rock, Timubo Cave & the Baywalk in the town of San Francisco. Then quickly headed to the pier for our trip back to Cebu at 5:30PM

We didn’t have a ticket yet when we arrived their at around 3 in the afternoon. We didn’t anticipate that there’s a lot of people who were also going back to the Cebu. So when we lined up to get the 5:30pm ticket, the girl behind the counter said that the next available trip was at 5:30 in the morning. Everything was Full. After that announcement, a lot of things happen and it’s a long story. Good thing there was a special trip at 6:30. Yey, we arrived in Danao City at around 8:30pm

Here are the pictures we took at the hotel and quick tour in Camotes sponsored by Coco Grove Nature Resort. Visit their website @ cocogrovenatureresort.com

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