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Happy Halloween – Trick or Treat

What are your plans this long weekend? November holidays are like jump-off points for longer holidays in December. Naahh, what the heck, everyone loves days off. How satisfying it could be to have quick break from a long work week. It’s something we couldn’t trade-off so easily. Perhaps some of you guys are planning to sleep all day, while others take the time to catch up with friends or go on vacation. Isn’t it cool to have the time for yourself to spend?

While Oct 31 and Nov 2 are usual holidays, Nov 2 on the other hand is not. “All Souls Day” and “All Saints Day” celebration are long tradition for Filipinos to visit the cemetery and light candles for the departed loved ones. I remember when I was a kid, my mother used to lead lengthy prayers in our neighbor’s house. Everyone has food prepared. So every time they finished their prayers and hymns, food feast followed. Foods prepared were usually “Biko” (sweetended rice), ripe banana and “Binignit”. Since we visited over 5 houses, our stomach had no escaped to get filled with enormous calories. It was one of my unique experiences in my old countryside.

Meanwhile, I got a hitch ride home to the province when my sister told me that she’s going home for the holiday visit. I don’t want to deal with so much crowd and long lines at the bus terminal plus going back to the city is a bit of a problem as everyone hurries to catch a bus ride.

Thanks God, the weather was good when we visited the cemetery. There were already few people lighting candles in tombs. Awesome day for all of us.

Trick or Treat

In some country especially in the U.S. has vibrant Halloween parties and trick or treat bonanza. Some people are really spending on customized scary costumes at office parties. You can never miss this type of festive activities. Here in Cebu City, some malls organized a trick or treat for kids. Parents are more excited than the children on their Halloween costumes. It’s truly a fun-filled experience.


  • I went back home again by bus, so I’ll be competing with hundreds of passengers back to the city tomorrow or the following days.
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