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Look Life From A Different Perspective

Sometimes you need to look at life at a different perspective
“Sometimes you need to look life from a different perspective.”

In most cases in order to blend and feel accepted by other people, we tend to look what they see by being like them. That’s not a bad thing because you are just mirroring them. And it’s the easiest way to building rapport, relating and showing empathy to them. It’s our innate nature to adapt and thrive. It’s something that we do to feel involved.

By doing that, we are taking the road bound to our peer’s success story. Sometimes we lose track of our own direction because we are drawn by the waves of their reasons. I think it would give us a better perspective if we allow ourselves to experience out of the ordinary actions.

Here’s some Example:
-A problem can be solved using different methods. It doesn’t need to be the same approach every time. Perhaps, there’s an easier way to arrive using a approach to the ultimate solution. Sometimes people tell us to do the same, because they know it works that way but you may explore other possibilities. However it may take you to the right or wrong way. It’s your risk to take.

You could possibly see a better angle from a different perspective. Sometimes it will teach to fail or succeed. It doesn’t matter, because you learn from your choices. And you will know what actions to take the next time when having the same cues.

I have learned the benefit of procrastination. Sometimes it works on your favor, other times it’s a burden. But timing is crucial to getting the results that you want. It’s how you judge certain actions into decision based on your previous experience. I forgot what book was it, that I read about procrastination. And I believe what the author have said. I’m going to share it with you next time…


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