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Major Upgrade from HDD to SSD

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to upgrade my hard disk drive (HDD) to Solid State Drive (SSD). My laptop is just 2 years old which was originally ran with Windows 8.1 OS then subsequently upgraded to Windows 10 when the free version rolled out.

Transcend SSD

I was happy with its performance but there were occasions when it lagged and froze badly during my peak working hours. Added to my frustration was its slow OS and applications start up. It could take over 1 minute before you could open up some programs.

So I decided to upgrade its hard disk with the Solid State Drive (SSD). It is the best alternative to HDD for its durability, reliability and speed. However, its price is the major setback. SSD is 10x more expensive than those conventional HDD that comes with most laptops. But really, the speed is extremely a huge difference. It has less than 25 seconds start up time and applications open so quickly.

It’s definitely one of the best investment for most laptop.

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