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Radiant Angel

Radian Angel

One of the books I have read this week is the “Radiant Angel” by Nelson DeMille. It focuses on the character of John Corey and Tess Faraday. They are from the Diplomatic Surveillance Group which later on discovered that Tess is working on another agency. There main task is to follow and never lose sight

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Summer 2015

And I just want to climb...

It’s summer 2015. What’s your list of “Things to do” this summer? Going to the beach is probably the top of your list. Blame it to the warm temperature, it’s too hot indoor so staying in the beach is the best solution. Here’s some of my best summer in the past 6 years:

Hector and The Search For Happiness

happiness is a certain way of seeing things

Recently, I finished reading a book called “Hector and The Search for Happiness” by Francois Lelord. The story line is easy to understand and the sequence of events are well-organized. Choice of words in the translation is a thumbs up since I understand the book is originally in French. It is adapted in film starred

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Take a Chance

take a chance

Sometimes it needs a lot of courage to take something you wanted but give it a try. Perhaps may be it will make you smile.

10 Things you can do to be Happier Everyday

man jump silhouette sunset

“Life is a Journey. Time is a River. The door is ajar.” -Jim Butcher It’s not everyday that we feel light and happy. There are times of unexpected fall, uneasy and frustration. What’s more important is how you were able to navigate yourself to a place of peace & serenity. Towards a more fulfilling and

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Eating with Chopsticks

eating with chopsticks

One thing I like about having chopsticks is that I can eat any food without touching it: potato chips, peanuts, cheese rolls, nova crackers or any type of junk foods. I don’t need to wash my hands then wash up again to clean up after eating. There’s no mess around my shirt since it become

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Behind my Lens


One of the things I enjoy doing is taking still images. I would like to translate this hobby as my inner self. It gives me a little fulfillment that something I am confident doing. I like taking macro photos, landscape photography, sunset or wildlife. It may seem easy to capture a good landscape but you’ll

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Top SitComs to Watch


I have watched a number of sitcoms and it never fail to make me laugh. So here’s the top sitcoms I had great time watching. 1. Friends. This is my number 1 favorite. Who wouldn’t get entertained by those awesome people. Ross, the Archaeologist; Monica, the Chef; Joey, the actor; Phoebe, the masseuse; Rachel &

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When you travel, you expand your vision!

the best of everything

I have read this one infographic about traveling. And I’m going to write it here from my memory, not exactly the right words I guess. Here it goes: 1. Young Man: He has a lot of time and energy to travel but he has no money to do all the traveling. 2. Middle-age man: He

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7 Things That Happy People Say Everyday

impress you

Being happy starts from the inside and it radiates to the outside. That’s why when you have this happy feeling, other people know it because you have this undeniable expression in your body. Some of the benefits you can get from getting happy are improving mood, positive outlook, triggers positive reactions and etc. 1. “I’m

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