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Today is a Gift

today is a gift

“Yesterday is a history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it’s called The Present.” I’ve heard that beautiful line many times from speeches, lyrics and from a remarkable movie, “The Kung Fu Panda”. When master Shifu inspired Po in a certain scene. I think it’s a very beautiful line. “Today

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Top 10 Scams of 2014

internet fraud

Hey everyone! I have watched a show on GMA News TV just a while ago about a countdown of “Ang Pinaka”. And this week’s episode is about, “Ang Pinakalaganap na Scams of 2014”. I know some of  you out there were once a victim to one of these scams listed below. Check this out. I would

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Create a Website in 10 Minutes

Create a Website in 10 Minutes

Guys, it’s very easy to make a website. Either you want a free domain or a customize paid domain. It’s your choice. 1. First you have to decide what will be the contents of your website. 2. If you want an all time free domain, go ahead and sign up free wordpress.com or blogger.com. It’s

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What is more Difficult?

working habit 2

What is more difficult, stopping a habit or acquiring a new habit? I was also really curious about that question. It keeps me thinking. First, what is a habit? A habit is a routine you do whenever a cue appears. Sometimes people say that it’s really hard to break a habit of addiction. Like being

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Thinking New Ideas


Have you ever thought of something really good and the next time you think about it, its gone. Sometimes you have this really good idea that you want to do but you are preoccupied with what you’re currently doing. Perhaps you are doing something important at work or busy in your computer at time these

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Invisible by James Patterson

invisible by james patterson

I recently finish reading Fiction Novel “Invisible” by James Patterson. It story revolves around the character of Emmy Dockery. Emmy is on leave from her work in the FBI as a research analyst following the death of her sister from a bedroom fire. She was not convinced that the cause of fire is accidental resulting

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Be Happy

when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile

When you posses positive vibration, you attract happiness, wealth, love and peace. And embracing the contrary brings awful experience. When you smile, you have the power to radiate your energy and give someone a piece of how you feel. Happiness. And every time you smile and have this happy feeling, you are helping yourself to

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Give me a good title

Invisble by James Patterson

I have been reading a lot more lately. Magazines I have downloaded online: Time, NatGeo, Popular Science, Forbes and etc. I have been reading books and stories on ebook publication. Mostly Fiction, a lot of it. You know, I was thinking of becoming a writer. Making up stories and characters and events, places that only

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Dumanjug Town Plaza

Dumanjug Town Plaza001

Just recently we had our High School Batch 2005 Reunion at Moalboal Cebu south. And our meet up point was at the Dumanjug town plaza. I arrived there quite early, so I had a chance to take a quick snapshot around. I regret for not bringing my dslr because I should have had high resolution pictures on our

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Coffee shop

life is short enjoy your coffee

My body is starting to feel the coldness at 2pm inside this coffeeshop. I have never been here since 5 months ago I guess. It’s been a long while since. I was so frequent here like twice or thrice a week. I liked it here because it’s not too crowded on weekdays and really cold.

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