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Trip to Camotes Island – Coco Grove Nature Resort


We had a chance to have an awesome summer getaway in Camotes Island. It is a beautiful island located northeast of Cebu. How to Get to Camotes Island 1. Ride a North-bound bus from the North Bus Terminal or a V-Hire at SM City Cebu or a Jeepney bound for Danao. 2. Travel time from

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What’s Up

I have been doing some serious stuff lately: reading, thinking, strolling, photoshoot, editing. Hmm, not so serious huh but I’m doing it seriously. I updated this blog 2 months ago and was thinking that google might miss me, so here I am, writing something, making some words to formulate an understandable paragraph. Last month I

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Wedding Photography Cebu, Awesome!


Photography is one of the things I enjoy doing. It’s fun, exciting and always a new experience. I have been covering weddings & photoshoots for half a year now and so far, I’m satisfied with the result and on the road to learning every single day. If you speak of Photography in Cebu, men you’re

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This is it, Summer 2014

work under the tree

Who would have thought that summer come so fast and so early. My mind still have these fragments of Christmas Holidays and Sinulog 2014.  Anyhow, whether we like it or not, summer is inevitable and its melting away all our thoughts on the last holidays for a more exciting, outdoor & intense adventure. What did

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Where to Eat?

food business in Cebu City

Do you know that food industry is one of the most profitable business. It’s always in demand, as long as you properly position your business plus an attractive marketing strategies. Everyone eats. That’s the fact. The thing is when you are starting this business, you just need to have skills and talent to make it

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We’ve got Happy Visitors Everyday


I think we are the oldest occupant in our building. We move here 3 years ago in November 2011. We see people come and leave this place. Our building is separated into 4 apartments. Currently, it’s fully occupied. It’s quite a good place, high ceiling, with kitchen and living area plus a back space for

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February a Month of Flowers and Love

sweet lips

Yes, you hear it right. February is a month of Flowers and Love. February is a month long celebration of the Flower Festival in Baguio City. I was suppose to go there to witness this grand event but it seems that all the hotels & accommodation in Baguio City are fully-booked a month ahead. I should have

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Android Games Reviews

Asphalt 7 Heat

The 3 smartphone OS giants are in constant competition in quest to drag more customers to their attractive market. In the past 2 years I have been using android mobile and I find comfort in using their apps and really helps the ordinary users. Today, I want to share with you my experiences and reviews

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How Effective Youtube Videos

Youtube Video Marketing and Ads

Most people are so inclined with videos. Most of the time we are so lazy reading notes even with just a single paragraph. That is why we prefer watching online videos instead. You just have to sit in your favorite couch, hit that button and wallah! You’ve informed & become aware to what’s happening around.

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Photography Business Online Campaign

happy face photography on rencalago

Photography is one of the things I love doing. And I’m good at it. It gives me so much inspiration and excitement in life. It introduces me to something new that captivates my interest. I currently am doing photography professionally. I have covered weddings & birthdays. It was really fun shooting on weddings because you’ve

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