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Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham

rogue lawyer by john grisham“Rogue Lawyer” is an interesting book to read packed with its lawyering charisma. Rudd Sebastian is no ordinary lawyer. He handles big cases where other attorneys refuse to take. He is one of a kind defense lawyer for people who deals in drugs, gangs, pre-judged criminals or even against the state. He has successfully won many cases and mostly made an impossible deals. He often goes out front page in newspaper and he likes the attention. He works from his customized van. Not many notable lawyers have that kind of set up. He got a desk, comfy chair, tv, mini fridge and an assistant. Partner is his driver, researcher, body guard, boy and a friend.

Rudd has a son Starcher from an ex-wife Judith, also a lawyer. He is dating his son’s school gorgeous teacher, Naomi. Although they are not going public to avoid scrutiny against school’s policy.

As a defense lawyer, Rudd has had many death threats. It’s one reason why he doesn’t like to have an office inside a building like any others. It can easily be bombed. He once had an experience.

Once he made the state pay 2M to his client for wrongful killing of his client’s wife. He grilled police officer and expose crooked dealings. You should read this book while making a discovery of what life a rogue lawyer has. Read “Rogue Lawyer” by John Grisham

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