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See Me by Nicholas Sparks

See Me by Nicholas SparksI think “See Me” is a little different installment from most Nicholas Sparks books. In this novel, he added a lot of suspense, thrill and a slice of action. Off course, like all of his novels, there’s love story and drama revolving around the plot. And it’s extraordinarily written. He is genius in making all the love scene stuffs. It has a drama that unveils no secret but genuine portrayal of characters.

Near the end of this book, I like the thrill and the adrenaline rush. It makes you wonder what would happen next and hold on to flip to the next page.

The book “See Me” by Nicholas Sparks is a story of Collin & Maria. After the MMA match, Collin drove home following their dinner with his best friend Evan. While on his way on a rainy night, he spotted a girl having car trouble, in the middle of an empty road. Concern and wanted to offer some help, he pulled over and get down to see if she needed help. Her name is Maria… She was scared seeing Collin’s face as it was covered with bruises and blood from his latest MMA fight. Although she threw down initial help offer but she convinced herself that nobody could come to help fix the tire in the middle of nowhere than him.

After meeting him in the bar where Collin works, they got close to each other.

Maria previously worked at SA and it didn’t do be well as she handled big criminal cases. She has history of having a stalker. She then works at a private insurance law firm and later resigned to join a start-up firm initialize by her office friend Jill.

A mix of events happen to Collin: Maria become his new girlfriend, Maria’s work dilemma and her boss’ sexual advances and come emerge a stalker from the past, How he battle himself to stay out from jail following his previous arrests and conditional temporary freedom. You should read this book. It will not only teach you about love, compromise and sacrifices but it will keep your senses and imagination rolling as everything unfolds in a well-crafted words. Read See Me by Nicholas Sparks

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