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The Crossing by Michael Connelley

the crossing by michael connelleyBosch was a retired detective. After reading the police report, he decided to accept working for Haler as a (PI) Private investigator after Haler’s PI got an injury. Authorities treated it as an accident but for Cisco, it’s more of an intentional attempt to end his life. Foster is charged of a heinous crime but he strongly denies the allegation. The woman is killed and raped. Left with a dead witness to prove his alibi, Haller & Bosch must be able to uncover the real story.

It was a set-up. But the police have a strong DNA match evidence. Bosch have a glimpse of hope to get Foster out as a free man. He started following the events to uncover what lies hidden from the police report.

The house where the murder took place get listed for sale months after the incident. Inside, he saw an expensive watch but was not listed on the report. From there, it led him to a motel, to cemetery with useful camera footage, to a jewelry shop, Las Vegas peguet service center, to a doctor and finally uncovering the real murderers.

It’s worth the time to read. It keeps you awake during a lazy day. “The Crossing by Michael Connelley”

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