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You are So Lucky!

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This is gonna be my first entry this year. A bit has changed and I liked it. I like variation and often times surprises. In making films, movement is of essence. You’ve got to determine how it starts and how it ends. But sometimes you don’t know what comes in between.

This year, I want to read more. I want to get more excited flipping page after page. I want to learn more and make connections with ideas and discoveries. I want to delve deeper into the thoughts of geniuses and people who have made exponential success in our history. I want to bolster and propel forward with enough knowledge, skills and capabilities to sustain in a competent landscape of opportunities. I want to listen and understand every details leading to that lucky pot of success.

I want to stay focus and to pay attention to things that matters. You are lucky, I am lucky because we have a long way to go before the year ends. We have more days to accomplish what we wanted. It’s a refresh button to help speed up what’s clogging in our life. Keep it running and help others in the process.

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